Skincare Therapy Activating Serum


Centella Activating Serum is rich in Centella asiatica extract and other botanical ingredients, all of which strengthen the skin barrier, restore damaged skin, and smooth your skin for a radiant glow. It also provides the skin with the nutrients and protection it needs, while promoting skin recovery and rejuvenation. Use with the Neogentek 9-in-1 Beauty Wand to unleash your radiance.


Do I have to use Centella activating serum with the Neogentek Beauty Wand?

- Yes, you should use the activating  serum with the wand to achieve maximum results.


Centella is also designed for all types of calming for the skin and Centella is an all  natural product, so the Wand maintains its integrity so it's lasts a long time.


Can Centella be used by itself as part of my skin care routine?

- Yes, we recommend you use Centella daily, not just with the Neogentek Beauty Wand.  twice a day morning alone, evening with wand

Pro Tips:
Do: Divide face and neck into four treatment areas, applying serum to each area as you go. Our Profoundly Clean, extended-release gel-serum is formulated for optimal absorption as you treat each area of your face.

Don’t: Apply to your entire face first like you might with traditional serum


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